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New Book Contracts on the way!

Eric Flint announced this on the Bar, so that makes it official: Baen will be contracting Eric and me to do two (2) sequels to Boundary. We're already thinking about what sort of plotlines and complications to use in this hard-SF universe.

Once I get the actual contracts and send them off, I have to start really working. This is actually good for my online presence, as whenever I take a "think break" from writing or outlining or whatever I tend to do it only mentally -- I stay at the computer, isolated from other interruptions so that I can slide right back into the writing as soon as my subconscious finishes chewing on whatever is bothering it and spits out the answer. This means I'll probably update LJ and my PBEM more frequently, which will make my players happy. Alas however there is no gain without loss, my wife will tend to be less happy as I'm going to be lurking in the basement for many hours. Mostly on weekends, but once I get the outline solidified I will be trying to even do some during the week if possible -- in order to see how quickly I can complete a book of this nature under working circumstances.
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