seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

ALBACON Schedule

ALBACON is this weekend, and here's my schedule for that convention:

Friday: Reading at 6:30pm; I think I'll probably be reading from Boundary.
Ice Cream Social at 8:00pm
Panel at 9:00pm: Freedom VS Democracy with McNally and DeGuardiola
Art Reception at 9:30pm

Saturday: Autograph Signing at 2PM in the Dealer's Room (I'm betting with Flights of Fantasy)
Panel at 4pm "Cliches that Should Never Die" with Catelli, Gundlach, and Dubisch
Banquet from 6 to 8pm
Panel at 10PM "Pirates (or something) and SciFi, are they a match?", with Prellwitz and D'Ambrosio

Sunday: Panel at 10:00 AM "Ghettos within the SF/F Ghetto", with Henderson and McGarry

I will of course be around during a lot of the rest of the convention, looking for places I can attract (reasonably positive) attention, panels I can listen to, any fans who show up, and so on. I will also be looking to catch Terry Brooks and get him to autograph my old and treasured Shannara books.
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