seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

No! Evil... Game Developers...

... Atlus planning... Persona 5... for PS4! Bethesda probably putting Fallout 4 (and likely any sequels to Oblivion/Skyrim) on PS4!

I don't WANT to support Sony in its quest to go non-backwards-compatible.

But those are the two franchises that I really, REALLY like. FF has lost its luster over the years (though not its jawdropping beauty, which, honestly, sometimes justifies the purchase), they never made a real sequel to Chrono Trigger (Chrono Cross was a perfectly good game, but sucked rocks as a CT sequel). I haven't played the most recent Star Ocean so I can't be SURE they haven't jumped the shark.

"Why HAVEN'T you played the most recent Star Ocean?" you may ask. "It's a PS3 title, right?"

Yes. Yes it is.

But it assumes I have a wide-screen TV to play on, because on a conventional TV the dialogue and control boxes are UNREADABLE!!! I almost wanted to cry when I realized I had the game but couldn't play it.

Damn those evil designers. This will also mean there was never actually a Persona game (except Arena) designed for the PS3 (Persona 3 and 4 were PS2).
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