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First Lines meme with a twist...

There's a meme going around for authors to post the first lines of material they have in progress.

However, I don't always start with the first line, so to speak. I write scenes sometimes that are in the middle of a story and which therefore remind me of what I'm going to DO with it.

So I'll do the "first line written" definition -- that is, whatever chunk of material I've written from any story I'll take the first line from. Actually, I'll be more liberal; I'll take enough so it's not just some meaningless blurb (since I wouldn't be surprised if some of them just start with an exclamation like "What??".)

From Demons of the Past
The red target shimmered and exploded just a split-second before the blue. I was, unfortunately, blue. "And that," Diorre said gleefully, tossing back her red-gold hair, "makes it even, Mada Commander Varan."

From Terminators of Endearment/Pride and Extreme Prejudice
"Indeed," said the man (whom Patience could not help but think of as made of clockwork, though he manifestly was something far stranger), "I speak of these things not merely because of the way that I am made, though indeed a machine should do that which it is made to do, but because I have found that I have developed, through our many conversations, a feeling of that which is proper, both within the bounds of your society and without; and being that I am, here, a gentleman, I find that I am also bound to behave as a gentleman would, and indeed, Lady Patience, I must warn you that this Mr. Connor is a man of less than sterling character."

From Wolf's Dominion (early draft)
The figure sat in a cavern. It knew the stony room well, for it had used this place many times in the past.

From Gundam crossover fanfic Little Gundam on the Prairie (people challenged me to do it)
"Pa! Pa! Oh, Pa, come see!" Laura came running across the floor towards her father.

From Numbers (working title)
Space curled and twisted at the edge of the solar system, curdled and suddenly convulsed, spitting out a metal sliver from... elsewhere.

From Christmas Star (working title)
For most people, Christmas is a time to be together; a time for presents and feasts and visiting; for the religious, a time to worship; for those who are not, a time to enjoy in the company of loved ones.

From Saint Seiya fanfic The Key
I looked around the living room and smiled. The last papers braked to a halt in midair, shuffled themselves into order, and settled neatly into the rack near the sofa.

From Living Will (working title)
So it's true he thought. Your life really does flash before your eyes.

From Fall of Saints (working title)
“Honored Lord of Waters, your son (as unworthy as he is) presents himself at your command.”

From Prime Directive (working title)
The entry buzzer sounded. "C'mon in," said Hannibal Gunn, "the door's open."

From Saint Seiya/YST fic Soul of a Hero
Eyes in darkness. Pinpoints of light, red as new-shed blood.
The eyes do not blink. They are as unwinking as the pitiless glare of the sun in the desert, as remorseless and cold as the glint of moonlight on a killer's blade.

From background story (probably never to be finished or written fully) Atlantaea's Ending
It was a small sound, one an ordinary man could never have heard over the thunder of battle outside. But at the ringing metallic whisper of a sword leaving its sheath, the black-skinned demon stiffened and whirled, the Queen's limp body still clutched in its glistening talons.

From Reawakening (working title)
Their footsteps echoed rhythmically in the cool dampness. A draft of cold air flowed up from below, bringing the scent of stone and ancient darkness up to the surface.

From Daracha (working title)
Kieron surveyed the Guideroom -- the place from which the crew could guide the half-sentient, living starship *Ierath* -- and nodded. "Daracha's Victory." he said, raising his eyes upward; perhaps he was actually looking downward, if down was towards the immeasurably distant world from whence Kieron and his people came, but it was the gesture of tradition, not of strict fact.

From superhero story Ragnarok (working title)
Another concussion rocked Enforcers' Eyrie.
"What in hell was *that*?!" Fireflux demanded as she picked herself off the floor.

From an unnamed Shadowrun/CP story which will undoubtedly be mined for ideas:
"*Nani?* What is this trash you're talking to me?" Hiroki Ryozan almost swept the holophone off the desk in anger. "This... this *story* of yours is just that, a story, a tissue of lies! If you hadn't been so useful before, Ironman, I swear I'd have you rendered for parts!"

From Saint Seiya fic Vacation (The Bronze Boys in America) (working title)
I looked bemusedly at the broken metal strength tester. The Weapon sat untouched in the middle of the wreckage, having survived the machine's attempt to pull it apart without the slightest sign of strain.

No guarantee about when, or whether, any individual ones of these will be finished...
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