seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

LWE's kickstarter continues...

For the few on my F-list who don't already know, Lawrence Watt-Evans is hosting a kickstarter to publish the novel Vika's Avenger, a story he first started thinking about decades ago. It looks very exciting and the kind of thing that's right up my alley, certainly.

He's already funded to the basic level, so you can be confident of seeing the book in print, but there's plenty of additional bells and whistles to be had (such as a top-notch artist for the cover, as one example), and the more funding he gets the more encouraging it is for him, and others, to pursue this method of publication.

This is of more than purely academic interest to me, as I have at least one novel that virtually everyone who's read it has said is great, but so far no publishers have decided to give a chance: Polychrome: A Romantic Fantasy. If my agent can't place it (and she's been trying for more than a year), I will be strongly considering taking this route to get it published. I know I'm nowhere near as well known as LWE, but if he can pull this off in good style it will give me at least some hope that it might be feasible for me to try.
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