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Well, yesterday I spent the day at Genericon as a guest.


Sold something like 17 copies of Digital Knight! (haven't counted the remaining ones yet)

Met Pete (Sluggy Freelance), Randy (Something Positive) and Ian J (RPGWorld). They're all cool guys.

Pete was busy, but gracious enough to give me a dai kawaii pic of Oasis, and do a bit of discussion on Sluggy. As I'd suspected, most of what he does is planned long, LONG in advance (it fit together too well to be improv'd most of the time). He confirmed some of my deductions on certain events and people, especially about Torg, whom I always suspected was a lot sharper and more dangerous than people think. Pete also insisted on paying for DK -- of course, he knows I'm going to be buying all of the Sluggy books, so it's not like he's losing on the deal. :)

Ian is quiet -- his webcomic is dynamic and exuberant, he's very reserved. I have to send him a copy of DK.

Randy can make dry, witty comments very much like Davan. This is as I rather expected, somehow.

Next year I'll be helping them do an official Cosplay there; tons of cosplayers showed up, and had no venue for their creative talents!

The I-Con booth next to mine cooperated with me in promoting DK and their own stuff. I'll probably go to ICon as a Guest.
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