seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

What the hell, Ohio?

UPDATE: She has clarified that this is apparently not the law per se, but the interpretation/ruling of the Medical Board.

My LJ friend denelian is one of several that I know who have chronic pain from some condition or another. Often these people are enduring pain on a *regular* basis that most of us only see for very short periods of time and that DOESN'T GO AWAY.

So now, per a post by denelian, Ohio has decided that ONLY cancer patients should have access to strong pain medications (i.e., Narcotics and certain others).

This is just plain insane. They're going to punish tens of thousands, perhaps more, for the fact that some other people like to take drugs for a high -- and it will have *zero* effect on the drug use (take a look at the similar, less painful but much broader, restrictions on pseudoephedrine; years after it was removed from OTC status, NO effect on the illegal meth use).

I don't live in Ohio, but this is the kind of thing that needs to be stopped dead, right now.
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