seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Working and playing at the same time!

Well, if you like writing, that's what being a writer can be. In this case, I'm working on the outline for a collaboration with Eric Flint. I've got about 1500 words of the basic outline done, I expect to hit about 4k and then send it to him to see if he thinks it works or sucks, have him tear it apart, I rebuild it, etc., then hopefully arrive at something he says "yeah, I can live with that" to, and then submit to Jim for approval.

After that, assuming approval (which is pretty likely, given that right now Eric is one of his authors who make major dollar value for him), I start writing like a demon.

Genericon was a blast. Not only did I meet three of my favorite webcartoonists as mentioned before (Pete from Sluggy Freelance, Ian J from RPGWorld, and Randy from Something Positive) and sell a BUNCH of books (I have a total of 5 left now), but I hung out with the people at the ICON table in a nice bit of cooperative selling (I got to point them to the ICON table, the ICON people pointed people to mine), got a really neat Andromeda Shun figure, saw my friends Iz, Dan, and DJ, and generally had an actually relaxing time at the convention!

It's late, must go to bed.
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