seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Remind the NSA: We're Watching YOU.

sidhekin posted a link to an article about the intelligence community's frothing outrage against Snowden, in which one person said:

“These guys are emoting how pissed they are,” Peter Singer, a cyber-security expert at the Brookings Institute. “Do you think people at the NSA would put a statue of him out front?”

And my reaction...?

  Maybe THEY wouldn't, but you know... I think we SHOULD. A giant statue of Snowden, facing INWARD, towards the building, watching it with that calm, penetrating gaze we've seen in multiple photos. A statue at least the height of the building.

  Reminding them every day that THEY are not supposed to watch US. That WE are watching THEM.

  Snowden revealed their treasonous and unconstitutional actions; he's not the traitor here.

  Intelligence services have a useful part to play. But they have exceeded their justifiable authority and function on EVERY level, and my personal feeling is that ALL of them need to be dismantled, their files WIPED, and entirely new -- heavily constrained -- intelligence services set up to replace them. Homeland Security must be dismantled, all the extant intelligence agencies either shut down or severely downsized, and the mission of the downsized or replacement agences carefully, rigorously defined, and constrained specifically by rules STARTING with the Constitution and working down.

  And in front of every intelligence building, a statue of Snowden. Watching. Always watching.
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