seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

So, that smell of gasoline...

I've been smelling gasoline in my car, periodically, for a while. Finally I was able to rule out it being a spill or something from another car, so today when I smelled it strongly I popped up the hood (I was at work) and another guy from work helped me look at it. And found a tiny little hose (I mean, it's thinner than my pinky and not quite as long) which was (probably) cracked and certainly leaking gasoline, drip by drip...

onto the starter motor.

SOOOooooo, I decided not to push my luck. It's sitting at my work's parking lot until tomorrow, when we'll have it towed to the dealer for repairs. Simple repair -- if it were summer I might even attempt it. But not under these conditions. Besides, playing with flammable pressurized hydrocarbons seems something to be left to the professionals. 
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