seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

RIP: Shirley Temple Black

Probably the most iconic child star in American history, Shirley Temple (later Black) played multiple roles of the irrepressibly cheerful and adorable little girl who brings light into the darkest days. Unlike many actors who continue to pursue the art for their entire lives, Shirley retired when she was still very young (22, I think) and lived a long and varied life that included serving in political positions such as Ambassador to Ghana, and served on multiple boards of directors. Her influence on the film industry in her lifetime was immense and to some extent continues today. Shirley Temple Black was also one of the first women of public importance to speak openly on breast cancer (after she herself became a victim) and remained mostly untouched by the scandals that have usually haunted the most successful movie stars.

A salute to her.
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