seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Addendum to Narnia post:

Three other comments:

1) Judging from other people's comments, how magical the movie is for you may well depend on how you feel about the Narnia books themselves. Those who either weren't "Friends of Narnia" or who liked the books but didn't see them as anything special seem to generally say it was a "good movie, but nothing special" also.

2) The only thing I can think of that could have been done slightly better was Aslan's speaking voice. Liam Neeson did a perfectly good job, but I wanted a voice about two octaves deeper. Not James Earl Jones, but someone in that register.

3) WHY THE HELL ISN'T THE SOUNDTRACK AVAILABLE UNTIL THE BLOODY 13TH? THAT'S INSANE!!! Usually the soundtracks come out like a month BEFORE the movie, and this time the only CD out there right now is one of those incredibly stupid, inane, lame "Music Inspired By" things which features a bunch of third-string pop wannabees playing music that, AT BEST, was heard for 2.5 seconds in the background, and more usually was never part of the movie at all. In *MY* day, when you got a recording that had a movie's title on it, by golly it was the music from the movie. *hack grunt* *bangs cane*
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