seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Calling any "well-known" people who read my stuff...

... Baen is looking for blurbs for "Boundary". They of course have tons of nice things said about Eric Flint, but not much for me. I emailed a couple of people already (Lawrence Watt-Evans and Terry Brooks), but at the moment I don't have any good prospects for getting a blurb soon enough -- Lawrence hasn't quite gotten to DK and I suspect the same is true of Terry, who's probably at LEAST as busy as LWE.

So if anyone out there feels they could say something nice about Digital Knight or about "Diamonds Are Forever", and that they carry enough name recognition to make it worthwhile, please send me a little quote. I can grab something off several of the very nice online reviews, but I don't offhand recall any by big names.
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