seawasp (seawasp) wrote,


I hereby resolve ...

To show NO TOLERANCE for those less fortunate... to RE-DEFINE MORALITY to suit my short term objectives... and to CONQUER the PLANET EARTH and make all the inhabitants my slaves.

Oh, wait, those were DOGBERT'S resolutions.

I swear to bring the world revolution!

No, no, that's Utena...

Oh, HERE'S my list.

1) To end this year significantly lighter than I am now. Currently I am between 215 and 220 lbs (about 98-99 kilos) and I should weigh around 180 -185. I know myself too well to resolve absolutely to reach THAT weight by the end of this year, but I do insist that I get at least a quarter of the way there -- say, 10 pounds. If I can do better, great. But no more increases!
2) To do much better at sending out snailmal materials. I'm terrible at it, and then I get feeling guilty, which pushes it back in my head. I have to get it together and remember to send out all the stuff I owe people.
3) To get significant exercise every day. Exceptions for days I'm travelling -- they're just too much -- and days I'm actually physically ill. No exception for "oh, I'm just tired".

Three should be enough to cause me remorse and guilt throughout the year, right?
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