seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

One Week to Genericon!

As always I will be a guest at Genericon next weekend (27,28, 29) -- wouldn't it be silly NOT to be, when the convention is practically walking distance?

Genericon is a fun, small gaming/anime/sf convention held at RPI every year. I will be on a couple of panels: Meet the Author (where I also get to choose a topic to blab about if people are interested) Saturday from 12 - 1, and How do you Write/Breaking Into the Market on Sunday 1-2.

I will also be MC'ing the Cosplay/Masquerade from 2-5pm on Saturday, and be at the guest dinner which is at 6pm on Saturday.

Other than that I'll have a table probably in the Grand Hall and spend a lot of time there on Friday, early and some late Saturday, and some Sunday.

At the moment, it looks like I will NOT be able to attend I-Con, much as I'd like to, because they have no Guest slots, only "Program Participant" -- and the PP slots don't have green room privs. This wouldn't be a huge deal if the con was either like Genericon or Albacon (a hop skip and jump from my own house) or was held in or right next door to a hotel we could stay at. However, I-Con has no hotel nearby (it's a 20-minute drive), so for wife and kids the only potential "refuge" is the green room. Alas. I was looking forward to seeing Eric and Terry again as well as being able to sign Boundary.
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