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The transformation of the world has begun...

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There are two directions to the future. Both of them include machines taking away (PERMANENTLY) jobs from a larger and larger population of human beings. The first one -- that appears to be the course we are currently on -- is one in which the human beings displaced from such jobs are UNABLE, through mental or physical limitations or, more likely, economic limitations, to ever get a job again because any job they know how to do is automated and they cannot be retrained to do something that isn't. This will result in an ever-increasing number of permanently unemployed who will be viewed with derision and contempt (as they already are) and IF society supports them at all, will be supported at the lowest possible level and trapping them and all of their children into the same conditions.

In that case, the ONLY people who aren't replaced and who live well? The ones who get to make the economic decisions, or in general the ones who are very rich already. 1%? No, more like the .01%, with any lower-level types keeping employment as servants, hand-work people, etc. providing the novelty of PEOPLE doing the work. Status symbols, in short. The vast majority MAY be kept alive, but not with dignity.

The second direction, which I assumed was taken in the world of _Grand Central Arena_, is that we allow the machines to more and more support ALL of us in the fashion to which we would ALL like to be accustomed. Many people, especially those with the Yankee work ethic ingrained in their psyche, have an automatic horror of that concept because it just seems WRONG -- if you live and are able bodied and able minded you should WORK for your living.

But that's not going to be possible for an ever-increasing proportion of the population. Will that include ME? Maybe. The limitation there is doing things that are "creative" in the same style that I do, and while I would *like* to think that that's something hard to automate, I do not believe it's even close to IMPOSSIBLE. I don't know if I'll see that before I die, but I'm pretty sure my kids will see it.

Below: Humans Need Not apply, the video that triggered my post:

And here's a link to Manna, a novella or short novel by Marshall Brain that details these two courses and what they lead to.

If you read Manna, you'll actually see that in GCA I go beyond his "version 2", in that I assume a preservation of privacy is determined important, and additional technology that empowers the INDIVIDUAL to the point that they are NO LONGER RELIANT on any centralized group for their basic needs.

Note that "basic needs" in GCA are vastly more than "basic needs" today or "basic needs" two centuries ago. I should probably write a separate post on that and how "basic human needs" increase with wealth of society... and SHOULD so increase.

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