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Summary Update of Recent Events...

... Lessee...

Writingwise: I finished the first section of "Demons of the Past" -- it's around 40,000 words, about to break into Novel territory. I think it'll be between 150,000 and 180,000 by the time it ends. (Theoretically it could be a trilogy, but I prefer to keep things fast-moving when I can).

Eric and I finally have a decent overall outline of Boundary Sequel 1 and, after several false starts this weekend, I'm a couple thousand words into the story, tentatively titled "Threshold".

Health: overall I have been trying to keep mostly to my resolutions. Caught a REALLY annoying bug this past week that kept me feeling that I had a lead ball in my stomach and drained all my energy. It finally started to go away Saturday and was gone Sunday, so I thought "Cool, I'll be able to make up that missed time this week".


Winter hit. With a bunch of soggy snow, heavy and deep enough to warrant the Snowblower.


The Snowblower didn't. The electric starter works fine, but the engine just refused to run. So I had to clear the driveway myself. Note that this is a driveway with a small attached parking lot. It can park four cars comfortably out of each others' way, and could hold up to eight or nine cars if they all didn't have to go places without swapping out. Note also that I was just finishing recovering from previously-mentioned bug. Note also that I am an EFFORT INDUCED asthmatic. This reduced me to barely videogame intelligence for most of the day, and lots of pain (in back, which is also a vulnerable and weak point -- see prior posts from, um, last May-June).

I do not feel guilty about not going on the exercise machine today.

CP stayed home today. The bus was about an hour late or more, and reports we were getting from the other buses were not encouraging. So we didn't send him out. Instead, he stayed home. Among other things, he and Gabriel played outside and made a truly heroic-sized snowball -- the ball was taller than Gabriel when done.

I've been running CP and Kathy in a D&D game off and on for the past few months. I finally recovered enough tonight to give CP a short session, in which they reached the climax of the adventure they've been on since they started. I hope they're both enjoying the game; it's mostly for CP -- Kathleen isn't a big fantasy game fan, she prefers SF/modern/horror stuff and is playing simply because the game works a lot better with at least one experienced player.

Getting ready to go to Genericon this weekend. Before that, I have a business trip to Washington. And fast working this week to make up some lost time.

Still contemplating I-Con. I'd really like to go. There's a lot of reasons TO go.
Ah well, I should go get some sleep....

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