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... at the advice of some on my discussion on World of Warcraft, I tried the Star Trek MMO.

Now THAT was much better. Visually I think WoW is a *tiny* bit better in some areas, but the controls, text, and markings were significantly easier to read in Star Trek.

More importantly, the opening story/tutorial was much more interesting, comprehensive, and interesting. I found myself quite enjoying the game, playing for an hour or so until it got me through the first space battle and chase. Dialogue was well done and the slow development of my character's capabilities allowed me to get at least some grasp of what I could do before I really needed to use it.

Is there a pause mode? My main problem with a lot of things, especially in the space battle sequence, is that I want to pause and look around, figure out my controls and my facing so that I can be looking properly in the direction of my target, etc. This is really hard to do in real-time.

Controls remain the real drawback. I never liked keyboard interfaces even in the old days (Atari ST), and while I've played many games with them (Sundog, Dungeon Master, and later the Escape Velocity series), they remain clunky, difficult, and painful to use. Remapping wouldn't help; the problem is keeping hands on a keyboard and just using a few keys rather than typing words; it's unnatural for me.

I don't know if I'll keep playing it; probably for a bit, just to get a feel for the diversity, but unless I end up getting a joystick that I can map stuff to I'll probably stop relatively shortly. Still, Star Trek Online grabbed me much more and gave me considerably more entertainment for the time I spent on it.
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