seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Good writing weekend!

This weekend was a good one for writing; Kathleen and company were able to avoid major kid disasters or blowups, so I ended up with both Saturday and Sunday clear. I was in a Jason Wood mood on Saturday and wrote nearly 5,000 words in the first new Morgantown story since I finished Digital Knight back in early 2003; title is "Shadow of Fear". On Sunday, I went over 15,000 words on Threshold, the sequel to Boundary. Effectively I think this is over 20,000, as there's quite a few additions I expect from Eric.

Threshold is probably going to be the hardest of the three Boundary-universe books to write; we're developing the political, social, and personal universe equally in Threshold, and it's COMPLICATED. I was able to sort of fake out all of the stuff in Boundary, even though Eric seriously modified things; I can't pull that off on some of these, though. Eric will have to write those sections and, for once, I'll have to edit/smooth out his stuff to make it fit with mine. There's also a LOT of new science-related stuff I'm having to do -- people on Baen's Bar are seeing some of that, with me asking questions about nuclear reactors and superconductors and orbital calculations -- which isn't easy, even though I can (as an SF writer) decide to occasionally handwave away practical difficulties. Once Threshold is done, I'll have a good enough grasp of the entire universe to just write the next one, at least as a rough first draft. But Threshold itself is going to "be a pure bitch", as Maddie would say.
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