seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Quick Update: Wild Arms 4 Does Not Suck Yet.

Updating from yesterday's rant: lmekko was perfectly correct; using the superspeed "Accelerator" option gave even sluggy old me plenty of time to solve the challenges.

I still think the "Frustrated" button would be an EXCELLENT option to add to virtually ALL games that have puzzles, but are not, themselves, puzzle games (that is, the puzzles are just there to give you something to work through while playing). It would make all these games more accessible. Even with the Accelerator option, I could see the current Wild Arms 4 puzzles becoming impossible to near-impossible for me if I were notably slower or less accurate. A game whose point isn't focused on that kind of thing shouldn't require me to be young, fast, and accurate. (Along the same lines, a "handicap" option on things like fighting games would be nice, to give us old geezers a chance against "I Have No Life And Have Been Practicing HALO and Street Fighter 24/7 For The Past Year" teen geeks who refuse to or cannot "back off" when playing.)
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