seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Farewell to a grand old man...

... Sir Christopher Lee is dead at 93 of respiratory and heart problems. He was one of the Great Actors of my life, a magnetic screen presence with one of the great Voices that drilled itself into your head even when he spoke quietly. Two of my characters -- Amas-Garao of the Shadeweavers, and Ugu the Unbowed, "speak" in Lee's voice; one of them, Ugu, is supposed to LOOK like Christopher lee when somewhat younger (as seen in my icon above).

He had a magnificent run, and was one of those larger than life figures that is too preposterous to believe as a fictional character: descendant of royalty, special forces operative who fought (and killed) Nazis in WWII, great actor and icon, and even heavy metal musician/singer!

He will be missed.
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