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Howard Tayler's a good guy. He also writes possibly the best (and funniest) space opera done in modern times, Schlock Mercenary. He's been doing this for years, constructing a universe of immense proportions that manages to be as quirkily bizarre in its wn way as the universe of Dragonball or Oz, but unlike them places a foundation of hard-edged SF that is used as a springboard for one of the most unlikely casts of heroes, villains, simple mercenaries, aliens, and Really Big Concepts ever to be combined in one work. The fact that it's a webcomic, of course, means that he hands it to us in the form of Chinese Water Torture, one few-panel drop at a time.

But NOW you can get a big honking huge bucket of Schlock that isn't just electrons. Go to and put down about $20, and you'll have your very own copy of "Under New Management", his first dead-tree Schlock edition, with plenty of neato-keen extras.

So go buy some Schlock. You'll be glad you did. And so will Howard!
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