seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Good Things

Work on outlining the new book ("Boundary", working title) with Eric is going along well; I'll be sending him the new version of the outline this weekend sometime. While we don't have a contract on it, he's already talking it up, so barring my completely screwing this up it looks like a done deal. :)

I just won my second solo SBIR grant -- this one from Homeland Security, no less! This is an immense weight off my shoulders, as my working contract requires me to win 2 or more SBIR Phase I contracts. Now that that's done, I can concentrate on just doing my job.

My current FTF RPG campaign has also been going very well. It's an Amber-based campaign which I have taken to power levels beyond anything I've run in something like 20 years, and with a lot more detail (and those who know me will know that THAT is saying an awful lot). The players are also more interested and excited overall than they've been in years. This is a fun and challenging game, and I hope I can keep the pace up until the grand finales (yes, finales; there's basically three major confrontations that will end the campaign phases).

So now I keep my fingers crossed that no disasters will follow my making this upbeat post. ;)

Sea Wasp
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