seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

What I Published in 2015...

  ... for year-end lists, fantasizing about awards, etc:

1) Castaway Planet (Baen): YA-targeted hard-SF novel based in the Boundary universe, about 150 years after the end of Portal. The Kimei family -- Laura, Akira, and their four daughters Caroline, Sakura, Melody, and Hitomi -- are stranded on a previously unknown world with the bare minimum of equipment.

2) Polychrome (Iris Mirabilis Press -- my own imprint): Oz-based novel for adult rather than child readership. When two old enemies of Oz return and succeed in conquering Oz, Polychrome, the Daughter of the Rainbow, has to follow an uncertain prophecy to find a hero with whom they may -- and only MAY -- be able to break the Usurpers' hold on the heart of Faerie.

3) "The Adventurer and the Toad" (Baen, on Fantasy short story set in the World of Zarathan, same setting as my Balanced Sword trilogy. A teenage girl who dreams of adventure gets her chance... if she can work with the thing she fears the most.

4) Phoenix in Shadow (Baen): Second book in the Balanced Sword trilogy; Kyri Vantage, Tobimar Silverun, and Poplock Duckweed venture into Rivendream Pass and travel to the feared Moonshade Hollow -- and what they find there is nothing they could ever have imagined.

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