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Amusements Musings -- NWN

During Hell Week I played a fair amount of Neverwinter Nights. I also recently acquired Hordes of the Underdark and I just installed it. I have a few questions to the NWN players I know are out there on my Flist.

1) In my current "Shadows of Undrentide" game, my character has a "Spellstaff" which had the capability to cast several defensive spells simultaneously on my character, all at once. Now, however, (after reinstalling NWN, SoU, and HotU) when I activate the staff's special power, it doesn't buff me up; it appears to set off a Cloudkill (a shifting green cloud around me). A couple of other devices don't appear to be working right either. Any ideas on how to fix it?

2) What are some of the good freebie modules out there? I like heroic focused adventures (i.e., I'm not really interested in playing baddies) and I wouldn't mind romantic possibilities (not, let me note, ecchi possibilities)

3)How do I install/use them on my Mac? They appear to come in several different file formats including .exe, which I know is useless on a Mac, yet I was under the impression that NWN adventures should be usable on all NWN capable platforms.

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