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Hugo Post 2016!

  Not that I ever expect a nomination, but it is time once again to begin nominations for the Hugo Awards!

My eligible works from 2015 are

  • Polychrome (Iris Mirabilis Press): My adult-readership version of an Oz book, Polychrome surpassed my expectations in Kickstarter and has sold a significant number of copies since. Polychrome, Daughter of the Rainbow, is one of the few to escape when two old enemies of Oz join forces and succeed in conquering the heart of Faerie. Carrying with her the source of a cryptic prophecy, she must seek out a hero who may -- and ONLY may -- be able to save Faerie from its new tyrants, and even once the hero is found, Polychrome herself must discover a strength and will of her own if their plans are to have any chance to succeed...

  • Phoenix in Shadow (Baen): Second in the Balanced Sword trilogy, an epic fantasy I first started writing in 1991 and which takes place on Zarathan, my RPG and writing world that I first started designing in 1978-79. Kyri Vantage, Phoenix Justiciar of the dying god Myrionar, and her companions Tobimar Silverun and Poplock Duckweed, succeeded in killing the False Justiciar Thornfalcon and revealing the False Saints for what they were, but they know there is far more behind the corruption of a god's chosen emissaries; they must follow the clues through Rivendream Pass to Moonshade Hollow, a place of horrific reputation... but what they find there changes everything they thought they understood, and hides an even deadlier trap than Thornfalcon's!

  • Castaway Planet (Baen): A (mostly) Hard-SF, YA-targeted novel set in the future of the Boundaryverse; the "mostly" comes from the fact that I include a slow-FTL drive to get my protagonists out of the solar system. The Kimei family and their Bemmie friend "Whips" were on their way to a colony world when something went terribly wrong and they were marooned with barely a handful of tools and no hope of rescue. Now they must find a way to survive on an alien world that hides more secrets than they can imagine.

  • "The Adventurer and the Toad" (Baen): A short story set on Zarathan, but a standalone in that world rather than directly a part of the Balanced Sword trilogy. Young Lalira Revyne has dreamed of adventure, but now horrific adventure has found her. But if she is to rescue her mother, she must overcome her own terrors to work with a companion she desperately needs... but fears above all things. Available in the 2015 Baen Free Stories collection.

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