seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

More Schlocky Commentary...

I have only two complaints about the Shlock Howard sent me:

1) It's too blasted short. Comic collection books should be big thick things, like... like... coffee table books. Hundreds of pages.

2) It starts in the middle! I want the early adventures bound up too! (I'm wondering if Howard, having refined his style over the years, wants to go back and tweak the earlier strips. If so, no, just print them up, dammit!)

I mean, really, how can you NOT start out with the story that includes things like the "tear-apart" drive ("TERAPORT!")...

Other than that, it's awesome. I want another volume. Now. In fact, if they're all going to be this skinny, Howard, I want another THREE volumes, right now. :)
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