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The yearly "if you want to nominate my stuff" post...

... is here.

'Tis the year end, and time for authors to mention what they wrote this year in case by wild chance someone wants to nominate it for any form of award.
This year I only published two books and no short stories. Next year it looks more likely that I'll have two books plus at least two short stories.
The first of these is Phoenix Ascendant ( ), the final book in the Balanced Sword trilogy. This is one of the most personally significant books I have yet published, as it completes a story I've wanted to finish telling since 1991, and I think the trilogy as a whole is one of the best stories I've ever written. As it completes a trilogy, that makes it possible to nominate The Balanced Sword as a completed work, as well as nominating Phoenix Ascendant by itself.
The second is Castaway Odyssey ( ), second in the Castaway Planet series. Set in the same universe as Boundary but about 150-200 years later, this is a YA (young adult) hard-SF novel (modulo the FTL drive I use to get my people into trouble), sequel to Castaway Planet but with a new cast with a new set of problems that don't encounter the original cast until quite a ways into the book.
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