seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

A farewell to Livejournal...

  I have completed the transition of my journal and communities to Dreamwidth, so that my main journal is now , and my beta-reading community is .

  With the latest change in the TOS for LJ -- which basically said "Oh, yeah, English-speaking community that was like the foundation of LJ? Anything written in your language has no legal basis", and which also upon investigation contained multiple noisome provisions -- this camel's back was finally broken.

It's a great shame, and I'm feeling rather sad about it. I've been on LiveJournal since 2003, and in the main I've found it to be the best social media experience of anything outside of the heyday of USENET (which had some advantages over any of the others, and still does if people would actually make use of it). It and its defunct relative InsaneJournal provided me with many hours of entertainment, discussion, information, roleplay, and sometimes just plain important human contact through an electronic medium.

Professionally, LiveJournal provided me with an excellent platform to have a community of beta-readers who participated reliably, enthusiastically, and effectively in the production of all my works from about 2006 on -- more than ten years of support in this strange career of mine.

I have a lifetime paid account here, as does my wife Kathleen; we purchased them -- for what was, at the time, a very considerable sum out of our budget -- so that we could have a permanent "residence", so to speak, online, a place that was and would remain ours.

But like many real-world places, changes in the administration of LJ have made it increasingly less friendly to us and those we love and value. With this last change, it's passed the point at which I can tolerate it.

So I must, with many regrets, say goodbye to LiveJournal. This will likely be the last post I make to this account.

If you're looking for me, find me at Dreamwidth at the address above (or of course elsewhere, like on Facebook, as Ryk Spoor).
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