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Ganked from origamilady...

Put the iTunes on random and answer the questions with the titles of the songs.

Will I get far in life? "Gorgeousness", Full Metal Alchemist
How do my friends see me? "Recall the Past", Ah! Megamisama
When will I get married? "Burning Fight", Dragonball Z
What's my theme song? "Sorcery", Threads of Fate OST
What is the story of my life? "Roll Tide from Crimson Tide", The Big Picture
What am I like in bed? "Over the Sky", Last Exile OST
How can I get ahead in life? "Industrial Disease", Dire Straits
What is my best feature? "Godzilla VS Griffon", Gojira Tai Megaguirus OST
How is today going to be? "Paulie's Member", The One OST
What is in store for this weekend? "Rust Color", Star Ocean 3 OST
What is my life like at the moment? "Dorga and Unne", FFIX OST
What song describes my secrets? "Margulis", Xenosaga I OST
What is my current lover like? "Suite from Batman Forever: Fledermausmarchmusik"
What song will they play at my funeral? "Legend of the Scorpion King", The Mummy Returns OST
How does the world see me? "Pegasus Fantasy", Saint Seiya OST
Will I have a happy life? "Nightmare", YuuYuu Hakusho Motion Picture OST
What do my friends really think of me? "Fire On High", ELO
Do people secretly lust after me? "X-Ray/Snake in the Bathroom", Dr. Who Movie
Will I accomplish my goals in life? "We Form in Crystals", Star Ocean 2 OST
Will I find true love? "Ghost Riders in the Sky", The Outlaws
How do I treat others? "Sealing the Feelings", Ah! Megamisama Movie

Wierd combos in some cases.
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