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RE Jason Wood stories...

It should be noted by those who are anticipating Mr. Wood's continuing adventures that the story I mentioned earlier this week is IN ADDITION to about five others I already know I will write (one of which is already several thousand words underway). What was unique about THIS one -- at least within my relatively recent history -- was that it hit me like a bolt of lightning and I actually sat down and wrote WITH NO PREP OR SETUP -- I was typing sentences of this while helping my son do his homework. Usually it takes me an hour or so to get "in the groove" but this time I was "in the groove" when I got home.

Counting this new one, the Jason Wood stories I expect to write are as follows:

Shadow of Fear
Trial Run (the new one)
Burnout (working title)
Nightmare(working title)
Earth and Sky (working title)
Wolf Hunt (aka The Grand Finale)

There are several other stories which will be set in or associated with Morgantown, including a couple featuring Verne and a few with another character that my gaming friends are familiar with (Xavier Uriel Ross).

Following the Grand Finale, other stories are POSSIBLE but will depend on a number of factors.
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