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What I Published This Year...

For awards or Best Of 2017 lists, here's everything I published in 2017!

Princess Holy Aura: My take on the Mahou Shoujo genre with a twist, Princess Holy Aura came out December 5th.…/…/B077C983GN

On-Site for the Apocalypse: A short story in the same universe as Princess Holy Aura, this one from the point of view of agents who are present as the supernatural starts to get rolling! Here:

Challenges of the Deeps: The third Arenaverse novel. Ariane and company have to keep their word and accompany Orphan on a mysterious mission... while the Molothos plan an all-out war!…/…/ref=sr_1_3…

Preparations and Alliances: A short companion story for Challenges, this one takes place in the Solar System of the Arenaverse and stars Saul Maginot and Tunuvun of the Genasi in negotiations and perils...

And finally, "The Adventure of the Reluctant Detective", a Holmesian short story which was published in the excellent anthology _Baker Street Irregulars_!…/…/B01N4MB69B

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