seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

And the next iteration...

Late last night I finally finished the second version of the outline for "Boundary" and sent it off to Eric (he acknowledged receipt this morning; how long it will be until he can get around to reading it and kicking it to pieces, I don't know, but hopefully it with withstand the kicking a bit better than the first version. ;) ) It's a good-sized outline for a starter, close to 9k words all told. By the time we're actually ready to write the novel, though, it'll probably be two or three times that. This is a new challenge for me, and to some extent for Eric, in that it's basically hard SF (there will be mention of a MacGuffin at one point, but the MacGuffin won't actually play any part in this particular story) and not an action-oriented story. I actually never contemplated DOING a Clarke-style "scientific discovery" story until Eric threw the concept at me.

I have to finish one project for work today, hopefully during regular business hours (I don't want to work late) and then do my bio for ICON so they can get it in their program book.
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