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Long Time No Update...

I've gone through three (count 'em, three!) infections in the last few weeks. The first was a lung-focused URI which may have been strep. The second an unknown origin infection which ended up irritating/causing a small ulcer in the back of my throat (healing now). And finally, a real doozy of otitis media (ear infection) which is just starting to buckle to the antibiotics now.

In more positive news, I've managed to make overall significant progress on Threshold, and I can now see the end in sight (though still quite a way off). Once I send this to Eric, I'll be sort of on hold, so I will try to convince them to contract Demons of the Past at that point. It's already about 1/4 written so I would hope that would help.

We saw "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" last week. Great movie!

Some tremendously interesting twists and turns in this one. They're constructing a pretty odd, patchwork mythology, and I'm trying not to examine it TOO hard because I doubt they've put much effort into the backdrop -- they're looking for excuses to make really cool action scenes and so on, which succeeds admirably.

I feel terribly sorry for Commodore Norrington; I sure hope they give him a chance to redeem himself.

I must also wonder about that man -- Beckett, is it? -- who's trying to get hold of Davy Jones' heart. He's played so evilly, along with his little sidekick, that I'm suspecting he's not entirely a normal human himself.

Elizabeth is in a really difficult situation. Overall I think she did what she felt she had to do, but she's now doubly screwed herself. I hope, however, they resolve the issue this creates between her and Will in a sensible, rather than Bad Sitcom, manner. She does have some guilt to deal with in any case.

Captain Jack Sparrow... Still cool. Still wierd. And a man who not only knows how to make an entrance... but also how to make an EXIT.

Will Turner... Hero. Dammit, he's in need of an asskicking scene.

Davy Jones and his crew and ship are VERY well done. I try to avoid thinking about that being the Flying Dutchman, though.

And now we have the third movie coming... with Our Heroes sailing under the flag of Captain Barbossa????? (I guess the guards in the first movie might have been right: "A man so evil that Hell itself spit him back out...")

Now I must get ready for the weekend. We will have visitors, but I still need to write.
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