seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Lots of Stuff

Lots of things happening these days...

More work on the Boundary outline -- but I'm waiting for some response from Eric before I can finish parts of it. He appears to be out of town at the moment.

Kathleen is looking for a new car -- something we promised we'd get when the money from my dad's estate finally arrived. We have lots of other projects planned too -- fixing the front yard to eliminate a nasssty swampy place, my preciouss, so our sons can play in the yard without getting icky, finishing the basement, putting in a garage/workshop to replace the ugly little shed out back, and probably central air/heat and weatherstripping all around. Then the place will be about as perfect as it can get.

My Ultra-Amber campaign is running along nicely, heading towards its second climax (of a total of 4 or 5 expected for the whole campaign).

We now have our hotel reserved for ICON 23. In a couple weeks I'm going to buy the tickets for Worldcon, which will be pricey, but worth it; I dunno when I'll get a chance to go to Worldcon again. I wonder if they still would like another minor author guest?
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