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And the legend is gone...

Stan "The Man" Lee is dead at 95.

If you'd asked me in the 1990s how influential Stan Lee was, I might have waffled. I mean, he was one of the creators and promoters of some of the greatest comic-book heroes, but comics were on the decline, and hey, movie attempts to do comic books had mostly fallen flat or worse than flat (1990 Captain America movie, dear god).

But today? Stan became the face of one of the most powerful media forces on the planet, and he and Marvel did something NEW -- create a full cinematic universe across multiple titles that were still interconnected. It had never been done, never been TRIED. And they succeeded, and their competition is still floundering, trying to figure out how to bottle the same lightning.

Stan and his Bullpen created some of the most iconic characters the world has yet seen, and some which directly spoke to me many times -- Thor, Spider-Man, and Captain America most often.

And he had a sense of timing and humor that showed through in the many cameos for the Marvel films -- themselves a fascinating and very amusing innovation in the film world. (not that cameos hadn't been done before, but the number of them across all those films, connecting them by that specific voice and face, that hadn't been; closest might have been Hitchcock's appearances in his own movies, but these weren't all Stan's movies; they were simply movies that had some of Stan in them.)


A salute and EXCELSIOR! to The Man.

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