seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Usenet VS Livejournal...

Recently, I gently barbequed someone on Usenet for, shall we say, unprofessional behavior.

James Nicoll then basically said "didn't you just have that conversation?"

I did not recall any recent such conversation.

It was later pointed out that there had been, in fact, a very similar exchange -- on James Nicoll's LJ.

To me, the two areas are highly disjoint -- so disjoint, in fact, that they don't even fill the same conceptual space. I recall many Usenet conversations, and am quite aware of having gone through many of them many times in different iterations. Similarly, there are subjects I have posted on -- or argued on -- in LiveJournal multiple times. Some of these are even the same subjects.

Yet I think of them as drastically separate, even though there is clearly some overlap (James Nicoll, obviously, as well as several others).

Anyone else? Do you think of all your online interaction as the same, or do you also have separate "thought buckets" that different types of interaction fall into?
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