seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

I want it, but I can't find it...

... It being a soundtrack.

Now, I'm well known as a collector of soundtracks, mostly for SF/F films and various anime. And I have a fair collection in many ways, if I do say so myself (and, in fact, I DO say so myself!). There is, however, ONE soundtrack that has eluded me for over ten years now. I have never found a source for it. I know it EXISTS -- I knew someone -- unfortunately exactly WHO that someone was I cannot remember -- who had it, and I have verified that in fact there were no less than THREE soundtrack CDs produced for the show, but I have never seen a copy.

The show: New Super Android Cutey Honey.

"Cutey Honey" is something of a phenomenon in itself -- one of the earliest examples of the Magical Girl subgenre as a TV show, it has been reborn more than once. This was a series of OVAs starting in, I believe, 1994-95.

Periodically I post on various forums hoping someone will be able to give me a lead on a copy, or someone who owns a copy who's willing to let me copy it. (the latter was how I finally, after nearly as long, got a hold of the semi-legendary Airwolf soundtrack).
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