seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Yeah, it's that day.

A horrid thing happened 9/11/2001. Unfortunately, despite many brave noises, after a relatively short time our quest to get the guys responsible fizzled out and we went after Iraq for some reason instead.

The terrorists have won, and are still winning more battles. Every additional law restricting us from doing something because A Terrorist Might Use That To... is another victory for them. They are TERRORists, remember. They want TERROR. They want fear. They want us to CHANGE because They Are Out There.

"But they COULD hurt us! Look at Israel! Look at the things that they already HAVE done!" you may say.

Yes. They could. AND THEY WILL.

Put bluntly, tough shit. No one said it was easy living in a world where there are psychos.

The question is simple: DO YOU WANT A FREE SOCIETY?

If you do, THEN YOU MUST ACCEPT THE RISKS THAT COME THEREWITH. You must accept that the more free your society, the more chance that someone will ABUSE that freedom. They may use it to bomb you, spread diseases, kill you, your family, your friends.

There it is. The blunt, honest, no-frills truth. FREEDOM COMES WITH A PRICE. The price is NOT just paid when you gain liberty from some particular oppressor. It is paid EACH and EVERY DAY by the RISK -- and sometimes, the CERTAINTY -- that the more free YOU are, the more free the BAD GUYS are.

That price is paid in blood sometimes. It may be MY blood. It may be my CHILDREN'S blood. It may be YOURS.

Only you can decide if that price is too high.

For me, there IS no price too high for my freedom. Run us back to before 9/11. Give us back our freedoms. The best memorial we could give to those who died is to not change at all.
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