seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Albacon Schedule! Chocolate for those who attend Reading!

Albacon is next weekend, so below is my schedule; I will be doing a signing, but they haven't told me WHEN yet.

EDIT: Signing at 3:30 on Saturday, according to my Loyal Lieutenant.

I will of course be around at other times; the most likely location to find me will be the central common area, if the layout of the convention is roughly the same.


7:00 PM: Reading (one hour), in "Room 3". Someday I suppose I'll get a reading at a time when it's likely someone else will actually show up, but so far I've not had good luck with that. Still, I'll be there to read.
EDIT: My Loyal Lieutenant is bringing chocolate for all reading attendees!

8:00 PM: Ice Cream Social. All the guests are expected at this one anyway. And you get to eat ice cream sundaes, so of course I'll be there. :)

11:00 AM: Panel on SF Literacy -- What Every Fan Should Know.

1:00 PM: WE ARE THE ORCS! Or, why we as fans should be proud of our status as literary outcasts.

3:30 PM: Signing


11:00 AM: RPGs: Good or Bad for writing?

2:00 PM: Genre-Blending.
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