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Well, we got Kathy's new car yesterday (I was off due to jury duty, but turned out they didn't need me, so I helped with the car). Turned out to be a good thing I was there, because it was a PITA -- no one mentioned we needed a certified check, bank deposited the money to the wrong account, etc., and I can't imagine how Kathleen would've dealt with the whole mess if she'd been alone (and trying to control the Toddler of Doom at the same time). But we managed to work it all out eventually, and she now has her 2003 Grand Caravan with all its bells and whistles.

I'm still recovering from being sick -- this thing doesn't want to let go, I'm feeling exhausted and slightly queasy even now. However, I hope I can maintain enough energy to do some work on the outline tonight, anyway.

The Beyond-Epic level Amber game went well on Friday (fortunately I didn't become sick until the next morning), and the players learned another aspect of how cleverly cruel their true antagonist is -- the Monolith has made it so that even if they defeat it and set the world back as it's supposed to be, their personal relationships are not going to be the same.
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