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Digital Knight is finally dropping back down the Amazon charts. Whether it's done well or not, alas, there's no good way to tell as I can't (A) know how many books per (day/week/month) a given ranking represents, and (B) even if I did, I don't know what percentage of a paperback's sales would be expected to come from Amazon. For quite a long time (a month and a half, anyway), DK hovered right around #29,000. Now it's dropped back to around 50k.

My next publication will be the story "Diamonds Are Forever", which will be about 1/3 of the anthology Mountain Magic. Diamonds is a collaboration between me and Eric Flint which was a lot of fun to write, and has a tone somewhat similar to DK.

For my next work, things are a bit in flux; there's a chance I'll be doing a full-length novel with Eric next; this novel would be NOT all that similar to DK, though, but more like "Good Clarke".
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