seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Tell me about the Consoles...

It appears the much-anticipated PS3 may be a POS. In addition to other apparent issues, they appear to have screwed up the single major selling point for my purposes: namely, backwards compatibility. Now, MAYBE they'll fix it. But still, I hadn't bothered looking into the alternatives because I wasn't likely to switch horses in mid-stream.

I currently have a PS2. I had promised my son he'd get that when I got my next console. So, I want to look at the choices.

One possibility is just to get a new PS2 and give him the old one. If new PS2 games are likely to come out for some years yet, that might be a simple, inexpensive move.

I know next to nothing about the other game consoles -- prices, games available and likely to be available, and so on.

My gaming focus is almost ENTIRELY RPG oriented, with a few minor Fighting Game exceptions. I have no (repeat, no, nil, nada) interest in internet-connected games, in Halo/other FPS games, etc.

SO what's the skinny on the other current and forthcoming consoles -- the XBox, the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii (how do you SAY that one anyway?), etc.? Which one will give me the best games, gameplay, and usability for the next few years?
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