seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Gratitude and Musings

I decided I should take a moment to say things I'm grateful for.

First for my wife Kathleen; she is beautiful, intelligent, incredibly tolerant to put up with me, talented, and manages to keep a home running, care for two boys (plus another one, in me), and she's geeky enough to actually interact with me.

Second for my two boys, Christopher and Gabriel. They're both very bright, cute kids, even if CP has trouble listening at times and Gabriel is the Toddler of Doom.

Third for Eric Flint, the Butcher of Baen, who walked up and handed me the chance of my lifetime to be an honest to god SF writer.

Along with Eric, Jim Baen, who made said miracle possible.

My cool, if so energetic he intimidates me, boss, Zack Mian. He's a genius and a frighteningly Type A personality, but hey, he's given me a pretty darn cool job to do.

All my friends, physically met and electronic, with especial nods to Eric Palmer, Carl Edlund, Vern Sodergren, Steve F., John Nielsen, Andy Wolgemuth, and Larry Conley ("We Won't Be Having Any More Of That!")


I've oft mentioned that I'm effectively a Great Old One in the online communities. Sure, there's folks on longer than me, but not a huge number -- I sent my first email in 1976. In gaming circles, I am about in the same position; there's some people who were gamers before me, but not all that many (I started in 1977).

It seems possible, however, that I may actually have an online honest-to-god first: I believe I may be the very first person to have run a true Play By Email D&D/RPG campaign, starting in 1978. At least I have yet to hear of anyone else doing it earlier.
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