seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

What I Want for Christmas...

This shouldn't be taken as a "Get Me This Stuff" post, but more as an informative post to people who have asked or for people who WOULD be thinking of getting me something to have as information. In my family, we always made lists of what we wanted, so there weren't the "Oh. How Nice. Just What I Wanted." moments.

Well, aside from my Amazon Wish List which most people who would be inclined to get me gifts already know about, the only presents I've wanted are the one thing I can't do for my world myself: pictures of people, places, things from my universe. Kathleen has done some such on occasion. She's also occasionally gotten other people to do pictures (my icon on this post is a miniature of an image of Torline Valanhavhi (the Eternal King of Atlantaea) as visualized by comic book artist Dave Cooper).

So if anyone out there is so inclined, I'd be excited to see how other people image various scenes, people, etc. I am of course always willing to enlarge upon descriptions, as there are many things which either get only scant description, or whose descriptions are spread out over several different chapters.
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