seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Amusing dream fragment...

These days I rarely have dreams that I remember coherent parts of, but it still happens every so often. Last night I was having a dream which was a fantasy quest type adventure, and one of the characters present was Aragorn (played of course by Vigo Mortensen [spelling??]). He had to reforge his own sword in this particular adventure. However, he didn't have the pieces of the original sword.

So he was forging the sword, bit by bit as we travelled along, from Elrond's silverware, which he'd apparently swiped from the Elf-King's table before we left. I have a particularly vivid image remaining of Aragorn hammering away, the sword having a lovely hilt and perfect two-edged blade... for about a foot and a half, when it suddenly ends in a long wide serving-fork.
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