seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Minor achievement...

... during my conference in San Diego, I finally managed to read my first Bujold novel (the two-in-one "Cordelia's Honor"). So now I at least will have some idea of what people are talking about when they mention "Barrayar" and all that stuff, even though at this point I've only just met the usually-central character Miles.

Overall, excellent reads. Lois has a fine hand with turns of phrase that make it easy to tell who's doing the speaking without needing to have it pointed out. The only problems I had -- which may stem from simply not understanding the universe enough -- is that there were places in the story where I wondered, basically, "Well, okay, you'd like some Betan gadgetry or tech. You live with a well-situated noble of Barrayar. WHY NOT ORDER OUT?" It wasn't as though much of the material involved would be the equivalent of "restricted" or classified gadgetry. I know if I found myself choosing to live in some remote corner of the world that I'd certainly have all the reasonable additional comforts and living aids shipped to me from home, even if there was a high premium on them and I'd have to wait a while.

But those are really minor gripes, and in some areas probably necessary plot twists hang on them. This was as I said my first Bujold novel, but it has assured that it will not be my last.
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