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Writing Memage

Ganked from queenoftheskies:

The answers to last week's Writer's Five. These are all about villains in my writing.

SPOILERS FOR CURRENT AND FUTURE WRITING. If you don't like spoilers, do not click on

I have a bunch of villains. So... I guess I'll have to answer for several of them, just for fun.

1 - What is your villain's main pet peeve?
Virigar (my Big Bad): Rather like Hook in Peter Pan, it's "Bad Form". He's uninterested in adversaries -- good or evil -- who have no sense of style, drama, no flair, and especially those who don't appreciate HIS.

Shagrath (main adversary in Demons of the Past): Humans. Humans and all their blasted allies who are the reason he's STUCK out here doing this un-ending damage control work.

Yurimekistos the Thanaeshavhi (opposite number of Verne Domingo): Two particular individuals who refuse to recognize that their time, and their beliefs, are past, dead and gone, and so continue to get in the way. Oh, and a certain group of supposed allies whose plans turned out to almost completely screw his own.

Kerlamion (King of Hell): Atlantaea and the fact that it won't quite die, no matter HOW much encouragement he gives it.

MEGALITH/MONOLITH: The disorderliness of the universe and its inexplicable resistance to a nice direct and clear re-ordering.

2 - What is the most depraved thing your villain has ever done?
Virigar (my Big Bad): Hard to choose just one. If one must, I'd guess arranged the slaughter of virtually all the Children of the Creator and the destruction of their first home, all for his own amusement.

Shagrath (main adversary in Demons of the Past): Designing the overarching methodology for ensuring that the human beings themselves carried out most of the work in unearthing remnants of the lost Atlantaean empire, so that he could destroy them.

Yurimekistos the Thanaeshavhi (opposite number of Verne Domingo): Some might say it was opening the Seal of the Towers to let in the Demons, but I'd say it's probably placing the Curse on Verne Domingo's people in Atla'a Alandar, making them into monstrous parodies of Verne himself and destroying the last chance for Atlantaea's rebirth (at least for over half a million years).

Kerlamion (King of Hell): Sacrificing most of the population of Atlantaea to seal off the Powers from Earth -- directly killing millions and indirectly killing literally uncountable numbers -- quadrillions? Orders of magnitude more? as the entire Empire fell.

MEGALITH/MONOLITH: Changing all of history to fit with its particular vision of the proper multiverse, and warping even the histories of the most powerful to its design.

3 - What is a redeeming quality your villain has? (if any)
Virigar (my Big Bad): None, if you mean "something that would excuse his existence". He can appreciate all good things -- heroism, artistic skill, etc., and certainly does not lack for style or courage himself. He just uses it all for evil.

Shagrath (main adversary in Demons of the Past): About the only thing one can credit Shagrath with is the ability to take the long view and think situations through. He has little sense of humor or tolerance and no empathy.

Yurimekistos the Thanaeshavhi (opposite number of Verne Domingo): A vast intellect, a willingness to tolerate almost any pain for his goals, immense patience.

Kerlamion (King of Hell): A sense of humor -- albeit awfully dark -- and excellent administrative and design skills.

MEGALITH/MONOLITH: A nigh-perfect sense of order and an accurate view of history. (of course, being able to CHANGE history helps with the latter)

4 - Does your villain think he's evil?
Virigar (my Big Bad): No. He KNOWS he is evil. He DEFINES evil.

Shagrath (main adversary in Demons of the Past): Yes, in the mortal sense. No, in a personal sense. He's doing his job for his King.

Yurimekistos the Thanaeshavhi (opposite number of Verne Domingo): No. He's really done an EXCELLENT job of convincing himself everything he does is justified.

Kerlamion (King of Hell): Yes. He wants to be like his Daddy when he grows up.

MEGALITH/MONOLITH: The question is irrelevant. Good and evil are delusions.

5 - What is your villain's justification?
Virigar (my Big Bad): Because I can, and it amuses me.

Shagrath (main adversary in Demons of the Past): Because my King orders me to, and because if SOMEONE doesn't, this all could come back and bite all of us demons on the ass in a few thousand years.

Yurimekistos the Thanaeshavhi (opposite number of Verne Domingo): THEY made me do it. All of them. The shiny-smiling hypocrites in Atlantaea, especially that smarmy Khoros. And the demons -- backstabbing bastards, all of them, they made me do it. Then Domingo threatened me, so I HAD to get rid of his group, too...

Kerlamion (King of Hell): For my greater glory and the security of my realm. And as all realms should eventually be mine...

MEGALITH/MONOLITH: Because I have the power to do so, and it is therefore my proper place to make things work the way I know they can and must.

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