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Two Five-Question writing memes, ganked from queenoftheskies

I'm going to do this one for three main characters: Jason Wood, Sasham Varan, and Kyrie Ross. (Kyrie is the main character of the Balanced Sword stories, which I hope to write one day.

1 - Who is your character's confidant/e?
Jason Wood: His wife, Sylvie. It could hardly be otherwise, given her paranormal abilities to "know" things. For professional Wierd Stuff, Verne Domingo.

Sasham Varan: Professionally and tactically, his confidant is S'oovickalassa, the alien scientist who awakens his psi powers. Personally, it used to be Taelin Mel'Tasne, but later on it's the Eonwyl.

Kyrie Ross: As I currently envision the story, it's Tobimar Silverun.

2 – What color would you paint your nemesis’ bedroom?
Jason Wood: Jason doesn't have ONE "nemesis", exactly. I suppose the closest to that would be Virigar. His bedroom, so to speak, is a huge, bright, airy room of his castle, that looks out over the dark and eerie landscape of Kurchewald. It's not painted one color, but is hung with incredibly expensive tapestries, walls of rare books and objects of art, portraits, and so on.

Sasham Varan: Prime Monitor Shagrath's private bedroom is a bare, steel room with carefully arranged data file racks, equipment, and not a single touch of human comfort.

Kyrie Ross: Telling that would potentially tell people too much. You wouldn't want any SPOILERS, would you?

3 – Who is your character’s favorite artist?
Jason Wood: Jason is not much of an art guy. Cool illustrations for SF/Fantasy will get his attention.

Sasham Varan: Haru Ka Vannin, a sculptor and painter specializing in heroic art of the Atlantaean era.

Kyrie Ross: Idinus of Scimitar, God-Emperor of the Empire of the Mountain and one of the greatest artists of any era.

4 – Is s/he a disappointment to anyone, or is someone proud of him/her for their accomplishments? Why?
Jason Wood: A number of people are proud of Jason's accomplishments (including even Virigar); most of the time he doesn't think he's done enough, though he IS proud of the outcome of "Shadow of Fear".

Sasham Varan: Until the end of the book, he's a disappointment to an awful lot of people since he's apparently become a monster. To the select few who know the truth, he's a man who's somehow survived things that should have broken him. To himself, he's just doing what has to be done.

Kyrie Ross: Proud of her, probably not; admiring her, yes.

5 – What sort of place spooks him/her? Why?
Jason Wood: It's generally not places, but situations IN places. He tends to have nightmares about events and creatures in the places they threatened him before.

Sasham Varan: Jungles. Steamy jungles. They're very alien to him, and he had a truly horrific experienc on Xaltine in a jungle.

Kyrie Ross: Empty castles, catacombs, etc. -- cold stone areas. She associates them with the deaths of her parents and with dark and evil forces.

And the second five...

1 - What did your character want to be when she/he grow/grew up?
Jason Wood: He didn't think about it much, actually, until he sort of invented the information professional on his own.

Sasham Varan: Captain of a major warship. Ever since he was about 3.

Kyrie Ross: An Adventurer, a Hero. In the classic sense. She hoped to actually take the training in Zarathanton.

2 - What did your character's parents/creator want them to be?
Jason Wood: Happy. That's all.

Sasham Varan: Captain of a major warship. It's a family tradition.

Kyrie Ross: Her mother would have preferred a safer profession -- running the Ross estates, but her father was an Adventurer himself...

3 – Does your character like his/her job/calling/destiny?
Jason Wood: He'd rather it involved fewer life-threatening, world-shaking events. But he does overall like it.

Sasham Varan: He loved his original job. He really HATES what he's having to do for most of the book, though.

Kyrie Ross: Overall, yes, but she really wishes she hadn't had to take the course she has.

4 – When was the last time your character got a vacation? What did they do for it?
Jason Wood: After he got married. He got involved in solving the murder of a bunch of werewolves and wolf-lovers. Some vacation.

Sasham Varan: A few days during his examination by Vick and the Prime Monitor.

Kyrie Ross: What is this "vacation" of which you speak?

5 – If your character could have the perfect day, where would he/she spend it and with who?
Jason Wood: He gets those occasionally. At home, with Syl, with no one bothering him.

Sasham Varan: A truly perfect day? In Atlantaea, with the Eonwyl. This would naturally require a bit of tinkering with the universe.

Kyrie Ross: It would have been a day with her family; but by the end of the story, that girl isn't really her any more. By the end, she finds her own perfect day.

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