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Fans and Friends do the coolest things...

Keith Morrison, a reader, geologist, and hobbyist with modeling software, asked permission (as if it was needed! But it was very polite) to use the Nike as a practice model for him to get used to some new software. I naturally gave permission.

I didn't expect either the speed or quality of the results, I must confess; when I think of "practice" work I, well, think of something like what I produced from Visio; a serviceable drawing, but nothing to write home about.

Keith's work is... well, gorgeous, as you can see in my Boundary images subfolder in my gallery. Multiple angles of Nike, plus two showing the huge ship in orbit (and departing from orbit, firing main engines) around Earth and one for arrival at Mars.

He's now working on the Odin and the Nebula Storm, two vessels that play a critical role in the sequel to Boundary, Threshold.
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